Thursday, January 27, 2022

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    Residential HVAC – Manual J Design Calculations

    In the past, most HVAC contractors did very little actual design work when “designing” a heating and air conditioning system. Too many of these contractors still operate under the same belief – that “rule of thumb” design techniques are good enough! These are the same guys that charge an air conditioner by putting a hand […]

    HVAC Design Calculations – For the Homeowner, Builder, Architect, and the Handy Do-It-Yourselfer

    HVAC design calculations, Manual J heat loss/gain calculation, Manual D duct designs, and Manual S equipment selection, are the ACCA approved methods for properly designing heating and/or air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC). These methods are rapidly sweeping across our country as the preferred methods to determine HVAC equipment and duct system sizing, as well […]